It’s a good idea to be ready when scheduling a MOT or vehicle servicing, but thanks to Theydon garage that has latest MOT test technology and highly efficient technicians for your car’s MOT test. At Theydon garage, MOTs aren’t as annoying as they previously were. For booking an appointment here you won’t need to bring a ton of documents; instead, you simply need the following:

The vehicle’s details and history:

 Including the most recent service, are displayed to the technicians in the vehicle service logbook (VS5). It can offer the car’s background history and extra context for any prospective issues.

Tax documents:

Unless you have a special insurance policy, it is unlawful to drive an untaxed vehicle to and from the testing location.

Appointment Approval: You can exhibit your approval in person or by showing it via email. Even though it’s not required, doing may well expedite the MOT procedure.

You will receive a certificate when your MOT is finished it will indicate that your car passed or failed the test. You can be given a list of minor issues that need monitoring if more maintenance is needed on your car.

Why Choose MOT at Theydon Garage?

We are specialized in MOT Test and we have built our own check lists for MOT test. Our experienced and qualified mechanics can carry out MOT tests on a wide range of vehicles using the latest computer technology for all makes and models. If you are looking for a reliable garage for MOT inspections in competitive price, Theydon garage is the right place for you. Get in touch with us today.

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We also understand the fact that not all vehicles can pass MOT Test without repair and replacements. Hence, we also provide on spot replacement and repair of any issue your vehicle may me facing. This not only ensures that your car gets MOT pass it also ensures the safety and maintenance of your vehicle.

So take your phone and call our customer representative to book your appointment on

020 8617 1099 or through email You can also drop by our garage to get premium MOT services.