In the UK, it is illegal to drive without a MOT, therefore you may not be aware that you are breaking the law.

A lack of a MOT will often not render your car insurance void; instead, “roadworthiness” is accorded primary consideration by auto insurance companies. This implies that certain car parts must function properly. Therefore, you need a trustworthy, DVSA-approved garage near you. The Theydon Garage in Chigwell, Essex is a well- renowned auto maintenance, repair and a reliable MOT service center.

The Theydon garage offers MOTs:

 We offer comprehensive list of services includes MOT test for all makes and models. Our service center is a fully certified MOT testing garage with the latest tools and trained technicians support. So why are you still waiting? Bring your vehicle in right away for a very affordable MOT test and service. We examine a number of components in your car that must be in working order, such as:

  1. Car battery
  2. Indicators
  3. Front and rear lights
  4. Hazard and fog lights
  5. Windscreen wipers
  6. Engine oil level
  7. Brakes and brake fluid

The clutch, gearbox, and engine are not examined during a MOT test; instead, the functioning of the car’s mechanical components is checked. We guarantee the ride quality, which is easily recognized by the vehicle’s performance. Any problem with these systems would prohibit them from passing the MOT.

Why Choose Us?

We recognize that not all cars can successfully complete a MOT test without repairs and replacements. As a result, we also offer immediate replacement and repair for any problem your car may be experiencing. This not only guarantees that your vehicle passes its MOT but also that it is kept safe and maintained.

On the other hand, we also have established our own check lists for MOT tests since we are experts in MOT testing. Using the most up-to-date computer technology, our skilled and licensed technicians can perform MOT tests on a variety of cars. 

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