he MOT test is meant to make sure that cars and other vehicles are tested at least once a year to make sure they adhere to important environmental and roadworthiness standards. So, if you require a reliable MOT Test Center near you? Select The Theydon Garage & Auto Repair in Essex who offers MOT testing for all makes and models. 

What is MOT?

The MOT is a highly specialist inspection of the majority of safety-related parts of a car to make sure they haven’t worn out excessively to the point where the car is now dangerous to drive on the road. The emissions of the car are also tested as part of the test. The Theydon Garage is a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) authorized MOT & auto Service Centre which assures thorough examinations during a MOT.

MOT at the Theydon garage Essex:

We have a team of experienced and qualified team who can carry out pre-MOT tests on a wide range of vehicles using the latest computerized technology for all type of vehicles. Not only this, we also offer comprehensive list of auto repair services. In our well-equipped garage, our mechanics are dedicated to quickly identify the problems and fix it before and after MOT. Moreover, the Theydon garage is the right place for a reliable garage for MOT inspections in competitive price.

What we cover in MOT Test?

MOT test includes: Exhaust, fuel, and emissions; Lighting and Signaling Equipment; Steering (including suspension); Brakes; Tyres and Road Wheels; Seat Belts; Body, Structure, and General Items.

Contact Us:

Since we are professionals in MOT testing, we have also created our own checklists for MOT tests. Our certified and licensed experts can execute MOT tests on a range of vehicles. 

To contact us on 020 8617 1099 or send an email to info@theydongarageessex.co.uk.